A few of the best possible deals you can get in Yorkshire

A week or so ago, I was in a small town in Yorkshire, but to be honest I forgot it’s name. I was visiting a friend in Leeds and she and I went to this nearby town, where her BFF lived with her family. One  topic lead to another and we ended up talking about my blog about cleaning, cleaning services and household chores. At first, she was a bit skeptical about how I go about getting free cleaning services, but afterwards when I told her that I might be able to find her a great deal on cleaning in Yorkshire, she was on board with it. We started browsing the internet and we found a few companies around Yorkshire, such as FAB Services Yorkshire. Called them up and asked for deals on one off Spring cleaning. As it turned out, there aren’t that many companies in Yorkshire which were willing to offer sweet deals, but when I stepped up and asked if they are willing to do the cleaning for some publicity on my blog, only FAB Services were interested. I was wondering why that was, but as it turned out, FAB Services were a company that puts it’s money where it’s mouth is so to speak. They were willing to deliver on a high quality service promise free of charge and there aren’t that many companies like this around even in London, let alone Yorkshire. The more interesting part was that the other ones I called, not only refused to offer a free sample cleaning, but their representatives straight up laughed at me when I offered them the publicity on my blog. This in my opinion shows their lack of vision and the lack of forward thinking that is needed for a company to succeed. It’s no wonder that FAB Cleaning seems to be the leader on the market of home cleaning and one off cleaning services in Yorkshire, but that’s a whole different story altogether.

By this moment you have probably realized that I’m going to concentrate on the fantastic things FAB Services offers and their professionalism, but this is only because of the lack of competition ready to step up their game. I’m far from thinking that there aren’t any other cleaning companies in the whole shire of Yorkshire, but the reality is that none were willing to take my offer for some publicity, or at least offer a deal sweet enough for us to take advantage of it. Anyway, hopefully you will at least find FAB Services Yorkshire’s website and services helpful, if not, I don’t really know what else I can do to show you how good they are. I’ll probably update this post a bit more with some additional information on how this company amazed me the first time I saw them work and from the first connection that I had with them.

More potential cleaning participants

A while back I mentioned that I’ll be looking to get cleaning out of the way with the help of companies that offer good quality and are willing to use this channel as a marketing channel for their cleaning companies. With Oxford and London being the two main cities participating, because I’m in Oxford on and off and in the rest of the time I’m stuck in downtown London the opportunity was out there. Since the beginning of this experiment more than 20 companies have outreached to me to see if I would include them in the list. After all the few companies that made the short list were pretty helpful overall and I simply couldn’t pass them by without dropping a few words about them, but that’s another story.

Moving from London to Oxford and the cleaning surrounding the process

This month I got a call from a friend of mine which told me that she was thinking about moving from London to Oxford and I couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of this happening. She told me that she’s been digging around blogs, forums and all kinds of other things about Oxford and she is really impressed by the town. She was even able to stumble upon my website and that’s why she contacted me about her future move to Oxfordshire. She was looking for potential cleaning companies that could smooth her transition here, because she’s going to continue working in London for the time being even though it’s going to be only for 3 days a week. The commute is quite long and exhausting and she won’t really have tons of energy left to clean the house 5 times a week. Since they have two kids and two dogs, the cleaning is simply crucial and I really don’t know how she’s gonna handle this (hopefully she won’t read this post), but who knows, may be she has a lot more strength then I do.

The funny thing is that she was the one that told me about this next cleaning company and they were the ones that outreached to me. As she has already booked her end of tenancy cleaning in London, the company actually offered to perform the removals of her furniture and personal belongings and afterwards to do an end of tenancy cleaning Oxford for her in the three bedroom house they’ve decided to rent, to see if Oxford fits their needs. Like I said, I am really excited about her and her husband, especially considering that she’ll be going through something similar to the process I had to go through a few years back. The truth is that I didn’t have anyone to ask for help or guidance back then and there weren’t that many websites with information about the most important things around Oxford. Truth be told, she’ll have a much lighter and smoother transition to the city. I have already planned a tour of the city with her and there are a few places that I have chosen to make her first impressions of the city – the best possible.

Her husband has taken a job at the city council, which is great and they have already planned  that in a few years their kids will go to the Oxford university. I’m not really sure their kids will like to stay in the same city as them, as I certainly didn’t want to stay where my parents were back when I was young, but they were probably just kidding anyway.

My god this post became something else entirely from what I was thinking of writing about. Anyway, I’m still waiting on the people from FAB Cleaning that my friend Marry is going to use when she comes here to rate them, but they are at the very least, eager to make a name for themselves here in Oxford and God knows we need a good cleaning company around Oxford to fill in the gap.

What makes a house clean?

How do you keep your house clean

What makes a house really clean

A clean house is something that means totally different things to different people. For some, it’s good enough that there aren’t any rotten fruits or food under the couch, while for others it could mean that you could lick the laminated floors. For me, it’s something smack in the middle, which I quite often refer to the sweet spot. There are many instances of different households, some with children, some without, some with cats and some with dogs. There are some people that live with pigs in their home, although teacup pigs aren’t really the same as farming pigs, but still. There’s obviously a wide variety of household types and obviously their standards for being clean will differ. You can’t really expect a home where a Scottish Hound dog lives, to smell and look as clean as a place where a newborn baby of a mom that is OSD for keeping the place clean would live. Obviously you need much cleaner place to have your baby in, while a dog can live outside in your barn if you live in a small village or a farm.

This is obviously not the point I want to make with this post. I will talk about what I find to be a clean house for me and if you wish, you could comment what kind of standard you keep yourself up to, or what kind of cleaning standard you require from your professional cleaners. As I have not really cleaned much of my house for the past 5 years or so, I have decided to write about the standard that I usually require from my cleaning maid. Ivana is a great professional I found a few months ago when I was looking for cleaners online. She has her own standards actually that she came with, pretty much installed. She always starts to clean my house from the top down, which is in my opinion the best way to do it. Then all the dust settles down to the ground and my laminated floor, where she would then vacuum clean and mop the remaining debris with the appropriate detergent added in the water. This leaves the floor smelling great and lets me walk on the floor with my bare feet feeling great. She also cleans the toilet once a week, although she comes 3 times a week. The thing she does there is amazing and to be honest I don’t think that I’ll even need a professional end of tenancy cleaning if we ever move out if this house. I know that landlord usually require this, but with the help of Ivana there won’t be a need for such a service, as she keeps our toilet and shower room looking fantastic. For whatever reason I can’t remember how it was with our previous maid back in 2005 through 2010, but I wasn’t as impressed with her job as I am with Ivana’s nowadays. The thing that she missed at first, such as cleaning on top of the doors, inside the fridge and cleaning the filter of our laundry machine and drier, are pretty much my own requirement. There’s were some things that I consider important about cleaning my house such as the windows in the shower room, which she also missed, but we talked it over and then she agreed that it looks way better when they are clean. Ivana does this type of cleaning once a week, just like with the rest of the toilet and I find it enough. Although she was reluctant to do it at first, in time she learned that in order for us to get along this is the only way and nowadays she doesn’t even mind doing any of these additional little jobs.

How to teach your cleaner what to do

In my opinion it’s really importat to teach your cleaner the right way you want things done. The fact is that it might not really be the best way, but it’s important to establish the relationship with your cleaner, because if you don’t do it at first and they feel like a friend rather an employee, things might get a lot uglier in the future. I’ve found that the easiest way to do this is by letting them know exactly the tasks you need them to do. Start with that an you could even ideally write down a list for them to keep. You could take it up a notch by printing a cleaning checklist. Many of the cleaners you’ll find in the UK are usually not native English speakers, so keep that in mind as well. It’s important to know that, as some of them might find it hard to read the notes you give them and simply skip the things, because they are too embarrassed to let you know.

Let me know what you think

I really like to keep the dialogue going, so please let me know your thoughts and ideas on how you like to keep your home clean. It’s important for me and I really want to see what other people think about it. I am curious on how you keep your cleaners in check as well, so write your comments below and we can continue this discussion further. I’ll definitely make sure to keep this post updated with the best ideas from the people here.

How I’m planning on building this cleaning blog

How I’m building the best cleaning blog in the UK

The plan to build my cleaning blog is simple. I will definitely establish a solid social presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other websites such as Reddit for example. I’ll also try to build myself as an authority on forums where women like me spend a lot of time such as mumsnet.com and finally I’ll look into getting my blog featured on local sites for London, Oxford and others. This should enable me to get to the second step of my plan to build the greatest cleaning blog in the UK.

Step 1

Build social presence, engage any possible audience of mums like me trying to get their houses clean and in order with the help of professional cleaning companies.

Step 2

After the initial process is done, I’m surely going to try and make the blog look a bit better. As you might notice by the lack of good visual elements on this website, I’m not really good at doing any sort of visual styling, I never was good at it. But I’m surely going to look into finding a person to create a better layout for the website, to make it a bit more engaging for my future audience. I’ll also try to may be create an eBook about cleaning habits and finding good cleaning companies.

Step 3

Finding cleaning companies that are willing to invest in a review of their services on a blog such as mine. I’m not really quite sure which company would like to be a part of my journey to make this blog the best space for cleaning information in the UK, but I’m sure that there will be volunteers once I get the ball rolling. I’ve already sent a couple of emails to different cleaning companies that I found on the web and I’m surely not going to stop sending the outreach emails now.

Since the first blog post that I made the other day, I’ve managed to get answers from just one cleaning company from London called Royal Cleaning, but I’m not giving up on this method just yet.

They did not say that a cleaner will come to show me how good they are, but told me that they are opened to the idea of some promotion on such a website. I’m gathering a list of websites that will eventually be big enough, to let me turn this site into an extra income stream one day.

Step 4

Step 4 would be getting advertisement banners on the website. These might not sound so lucrative and the final amount I’m planning to charge for them is not so great, but I’ll make sure to not undercharge for them, because you could only make so many reviews on companies, after all there aren’t hundreds of thousands of them and one by one, I’ll simply run out of companies to write about.

For now I’m still not quite sure what to expect, because I’ve never heard of a website in this industry like the one I have planned and that could be because of two reasons. One reason is that there’s no money to be made here, or no one thinks that there’s money to be made here. Either way, I’ll try to do it because I’m passionate about keeping my house in order and making it a better place for my children.

For the time being I don’t have any other ideas for websites that I would have anything to write about anyway, so Cleaning it is!

Step 5

Step 5 of my plan is the second to last step. I’m thinking of automating the websites’ content creation and probably hiring someone, if I’m fortunate enough to turn the website into something as successfull as the Clean Mama blog, which as far as I know is the biggest cleaning blog out there. It might be the biggest blog out there, but it is based in the United States, which keeps the door open for me to conquer the UK market.

Hopefully this will be the case and I will be able to achieve my goal.

Step 6

Step 6 would be to may be one day turn this passion into more than a blog and more than a successful website. I hope that I will be able to get a life that allows me and my family to wonder around the world and explore places where we’ve never been. And if a blog about the annoying cleaning chores at home could enable me to get that, then I believe that there’s nothing impossible in this day of age!

Continue following me on this journey and see what happens. I’m sure that there will be tons of great articles which you’d love to read and that there will be lots of companies that will be reviewed. You will surely like to read what I have to say about the best cleaning companies in London, Oxford and South East England where I’m based, so stay tuned and see where we go with this!

Here’s to the best Cleaning Blog you’ll find

Cleaning, Obviously not the most exciting subject there is. But I’ve decided to turn this around and make cleaning something interesting, something that people can get excited about. On this blog I’ll write about the best new techniques and the latest cleaning detergents, machines and whatever else is out there, which could help the cleaning of your home. This blog will be dedicated to the latest innovations and although cleaning isn’t exciting as the tech industry for example, an industry in which my husband works and talks about all the time, cleaning is the industry in which I’m employed and believe that this particular business needs to get into the 21st century already.

Most people would disagree with the facts that I’ll point out on this blog about big brands and companies that are supposedly worth a lot and offer the best cleaning, such as Handy, Hassle and other companies like that. Brands such as iRobot, the makes of the Roomba and others will also have their place on my website as they offer something different and work in a way which is disrupting the way things are. Hopefully all of these companies will be able to make things better and change things for the better but so far I haven’t really seen much improvement of the industry. If you live in London, England like myself, you’d know that finding cleaning help is getting ridiculously hard, if you wish for it to be of good quality that is.

I’m hoping that on this blog I’ll be able to get ideas from other like minded people that will gladly discuss how the industry could improve in the future.

I’m slowly getting to the point where cleaning is becoming an obsession and with a child coming my way in the not so distant future, I’ll need a home cleaner than ever.

Stay with me on this journey and we’ll walk the extra distance together, hopefully getting out better!